During Cyberattacks –
Every Decision Has Consequences

Strong network defense is essential…
…but cybercrime still happens…

Ransomware, DDoS, Phishing, Nation-state actors can take systems and networks offline.

We are a “spotlight in the darkness” that can help keep your organization running (and coordinating) while it recovers from a cyberattack.

Strong network defense is essential…
…but cybercrime still happens…

The average cost of a data breach to companies worldwide is $3.86 million.

When your organization is under attack, the spotlight shines brightly on you and your critical technology response teams.

Resilient Incident Coordination

Groupdolists protects organizations by providing resilient off-net communications and coordination throughout the duration of any unexpected interruption, coordinating response procedures step by step.

Take Instant Command and Control

  • Mobilize team members quickly.
  • Access your playbooks flexibly.
  • Coordinate actions in real time.
  • Maintain complete event chronology.
  • Keep communications off compromised channels.

Take Instant Command and Control

  • Mobilize response teams and distribute response plans in seconds.
  • Assign and track tasks in real time.
  • Record all response team activities automatically.
  • Generate chronological audit trails and reports.
  • Improve transparency, accountability and after-action review.
  • Eliminate blind spots, duplication, and distractions.
“During any unexpected incident, my team can access critical response procedures and follow them step-by-step, ensuring that proper protocols are followed, automatically documented and searchable at any time.”

Greg Sanders
Security Specialist

Do Your Critical Technology Teams Have a Resilient Coordination Plan?


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