“As we begin the reopening process and start educating our students within the new norm, our systems need to advance, our procedures need to be updated and our communication needs to be top notch.  Groupdolists brings this all together for us.  We can’t afford not to be partnering with them; their platform, their technology and their commitment to their clients is like no other.”

    Joe Baeta, Superintendent
    Norton MA Public Schools

    “Unprecedented times require a response platform that delivers continuity and resilience. We at Cherokee County School District chose GDL in order to have an intentional focus on a mobile coordinated response, collaborative communications and a documented transparent command and control audit trail. It’s critical that we stay in control for our community members during this time, and move forward.”

    Mr. Mike McGowan, Chief of Staff
    Cherokee County School District – Canton, GA

    Quick Starter Program

    Has your school district been compromised by:

    – not having a centralized platform for all communications?
    – keeping your school community and leadership team updated?
    – manual and time consuming processes?
    – difficulty tracking real-time actions?


    If so, we are offering all school districts our Groupdolists quick start program.

    • Automates district response plans.
    • Allows for centralized real time communication, command & control.
    • Tracks all user activities (communication updates, individual tasks & calls) automatically & chronologically.
    • Gives leadership active real time visibility.

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