It’s no secret that risk management in a hospital setting is a huge challenge. To help stay on top of potential threats, every hospital is required to conduct and annually review their Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA). HVA is a tool which allows a hospital to systematically identify threats that may require emergency preparedness and response. The risks associated with each hazard are then analyzed and ranked to prioritize planning, mitigation, response and recovery activities.

Ensuring hospital readiness goes well beyond identifying and ranking threats through a HVA. It requires hospital emergency managers to have response plans ready for each and every possible emergency scenario. Unfortunately, these managers don’t always have the time or resources needed to help them juggle the many responsibilities involved with safeguarding their organizations.

That’s where Groupdolists comes in. Our subscription library provides pre-written, expert-vetted emergency response plans to handle a plethora of emergency situations. In fact, there are 23 different procedures developed for the hospital setting alone. These include hazards stemming from external factors like biological, chemical and cyber attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes and disease outbreaks, as well as internal factors like patient surge, fire, bomb, power outage and infant abduction.

We know how overworked emergency managers can be, so our subscription library provides actionable steps to ensure maximum responsiveness for each individual scenario. At the same time, we know that each hospital has its own rules and protocols, so each of our plans is completely customizable, allowing for as few or as many changes as the emergency management team sees fit.

Another benefit is that our cloud-based technology enables emergency managers to have access to their emergency response plans whenever they need it. They no longer have to hunt for a paper copy hidden away on a bookshelf to put their plan into action. Our plans are available 24/7, from any computer or mobile device.

When it comes to emergency preparedness, using a HVA to take a deep look at all of the potential hazards is an important first step. But what about the next steps? Helping emergency managers put response plans into action is our specialty. To find out more about how Groupdolists and our subscription library can help you manage your most threatening situations, please contact us today.