When it comes to preparing for and responding to the unexpected in the workplace, where in the c-suite does the responsibility lie?

1. CEO

2. CIO

3. CFO

4. CSO

5. CPO

6. All of the above

While it may seem self-evident, making a thorough to-do list is a helpful way to stay ahead of potential crises and make sure key response team personnel understand company policies and expectations.  But making a to-do list isn’t enough to mitigate risk; you need a leader to take ownership of the response plan; to assign tasks, secure and communicate updates on those tasks and keep response efforts moving on a forward trajectory.

And with this easy-to-use technology platform, accessible via computer or mobile device, those in charge of the response plan can rest easier knowing that nothing will fall off the radar, and that all team actions are tracked via a comprehensive audit trail.

When routine or emergency situations arise in the workplace, tensions can escalate. It’s easy to place blame on someone in the c-suite when something goes awry. But with Groupdolists and one task manager at the helm, underpreparedness or ineffective response won’t be the culprit. Instead, everyone can stay in the loop while minimizing liability and business disruption.