The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted widespread and lasting fiscal damage, making organizations of all shapes and sizes quite vulnerable. It has also forced incident and crisis response teams into a tough spot: teams today are forced to rethink how they respond to threats in a contracting economy, with fewer resources while determining how they can do more with less.

Crisis response, business continuity, and emergency operations professionals are more critical to an organization today than ever before, especially as the organization suffers more disruption than ever. In general, the pandemic has created higher levels of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. For example, keeping hackers home is dangerous – did you know that cyberattacks against financial institutions alone have surged 238 percent between February and April of 2020?

All in all, responders have fewer resources, more problems, and more pressure. They must be ready on a moment’s notice, to protect employees’ health and safety, material assets, revenue streams, brand equity, reputation, and of course, cyber and physical security.  And they must do all these things during an active pandemic, a widespread economic slowdown, and sporadic civil unrest.

Today’s normal necessitates that organizations build crisis response teams that can turn on a dime, ready, 24/7, to face both anticipated, planned-for threats as well as the so-called “unknown unknowns” that are proving to be hallmarks of today’s world.

Organizations are facing critical business continuity issues. For example, a distant shutdown causes a critical supplier to go out of business, jeopardizing the organization’s ability to meet its own customers’ demands. Or, inevitably, an employee tests positive for COVID-19 in the days following a carefully controlled partial reopening.

How will your response teams cost-effectively meet these unprecedented challenges?

Groupdolists can help solve an important part of that problem: instant response and team coordination. We are a mobile-first, web-friendly platform that instantly assembles response teams, provides real-time visibility into all response activity, centralizes critical information, and creates an indelible, chronological audit trail. Because Groupdolists is independent of organizational networks, it’s especially useful in instances of hacking, power loss, natural disasters, and so forth, when organizational network availability might be compromised. Groupdolists operates secure, redundant, and encrypted, 100% in the cloud.

Groupdolists is purpose built. Our team has been innovating crisis response technology since right after 9/11.  We are the first technology to combine response teams, response plans, and a suite of other, best-in-class communication tools: tap-to-join conference calls, secure text chat, seamless connectivity with leading emergency notification systems, and activation via threat intelligence alerts. All this is packaged in one quickly learned, easily used app.

No question – we are in a tough, historic moment rife with unpredictable threats—but cutting edge, innovative technology that streamlines the response process can help temper some of the disruptions. Groupdolists can arm your organization’s response team with superior response capabilities: instant command and control, coordination, and auditing. It empowers fewer people to do more, better and faster than ever before.

Professionals in the crisis management/business continuity world, responsible for strengthening their organization’s preparedness, should consider our game-changing technology. Sooner or later, the investment will prove to be one of the best that an organization can make to reduce the costs and risks of an uncertain and volatile world.