Is Your Team Prepared?

When crises strike, how does your team mobilize and coordinate its response?

Groupdolists mobilizes response teams, centralizing tasks and critical information flows – ensuring that all team members are tightly coordinated and in sync.

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Ready when you are

Your team can’t predict when an incident will occur, but it can be prepared to respond with planned, coordinated, well-rehearsed procedures. With Groupdolists, you can activate your team at a moment’s notice.

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Plan, Prepare, and Practice

  • Put procedures into the heart of your response plan
  • Bring your own or borrow one from subscription libraries with nearly 150 predefined procedures
  • Easily predefine teams, roles, actions, and timing
  • Run regular drills 
  • Access procedures and more anywhere, anytime using iPhone, Android, or web

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Respond and Coordinate

  • Activate your response with just one tap
  • Push procedures to the entire team, wherever they are, instantly
  • Call all responders into a conference call with a single tap
  • Build a real-time common operating picture of tasks, informational postings, shared resources, voice, and more
  • Let others follow along in real time using an observer link

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Assess and Improve

  • Real-time audit logs and summary reports document all activity
  • Unparalleled transparency and accountability foster easier after-action improvement