Take control in seconds--from anywhere

Get operations back to normal faster during unexpected disruptions by instantly mobilizing response teams and keeping them in sync until risks are eliminated.

Be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings

Orchestrate and automate your crisis response

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Always Available

When unexpected disruptions occur, initiate a consistent, well rehearsed team response. Control chaos and streamline response while improving accountability, visibility, and transparency every step of the way. 

Groupdolists eliminates the challenge of accessing critical response plans when minutes count. Our platform makes it easier to update, distribute, and activate them whenever you need, wherever you are.

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Plan, Prepare, and Practice

  • Drive your response with great planning
  • Access plans anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Pre-define teams, roles, actions, and timing
  • Practice the way you play: rehearsal and response work identically

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Mobilize and Coordinate

  • Activate plans with just one tap
  • Push tasks and updates to everyone instantly
  • One tap connects the team onto a conference call 
  • Let anybody follow the response in real time

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Assess and Improve

  • Real-time audit trail and after-action reports document all activity
  • Unparalleled transparency and accountability foster superior improvement planning

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Read our latest report

Incident Response 3.0: A Model for Optimal Incident Preparedness in the Digital Age

With this report, you will be able to:

  • Benchmark your company's preparedness with the Incident Response Maturity Model
  • Understand what optimal readiness looks like with the Incident Response 3.0 Model
  • Build an Incident Preparedness Roadmap to lead your organization towards optimal readiness