Automating Incident Response



During Cyberattacks –
Every Decision Has Consequences

Strong network defense is essential…
…but cybercrime still happens…

The average cost of a data breach to companies worldwide is $3.86 million.

When your organization is under attack, the spotlight shines brightly on you and your critical technology response teams.

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Response Reinvented

Global incidents are occurring at an unprecedented pace, creating vulnerabilities and risks for organizations of all sizes. The safety and security of your employees, assets, reputation and supply chains can be threatened unexpectedly.

Our mobile-centric platform streamlines and automates response processes, response teams and critical information flows and can provide your organization with real time command and control – ensuring your reaction is instant and operations can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Major corporations, prominent government agencies, schools and universities depend on Groupdolists to:

  • Bring response teams together immediately
  • Make standard and emergency procedures interactive
  • Automatically assign tasks and track to completion
  • Keep response teams in sync during incidents
  • Centralize coordination and communication
  • Seamlessly integrate with Send Word Now & MIR3 notification
  • Document all activity chronologically, providing real-time insight and after-action analysis/auditing/reporting


Groupdolists keeps your response teams in control and in sync when unexpected disruptions arise.

Reduce risk more rapidly. Save time, and maybe even lives.

  • Protect your employees
  • Protect your assets
  • Protect your brand
  • Protect your reputation

Take a Leap Forward

  • Transform static plans into interactive workflows
  • Strengthen planning while adding flexibility
  • Help the team work better together

Respond whenever, wherever

  • Manage everything, even on a mobile device
  • Bring remote teams together virtually
  • See progress and updates in real time

The impact of unexpected disruptions can be devastating

  • $8,851 – Average cost per minute for a US data center outage. (Average outage is 60 minutes = $500,000)
  • $600B – Economic impact of cyber crime.
  • $88B – Cost of natural disasters worldwide.
  • $33B – Global impact of terrorism.

In the news

  • When a crisis hits, the last thing we want on our mind is who is doing what and what needs to be done. Groupdolists has allowed us to better focus on execution of what is needed in the most timely and organized manner when every minute counts.

    Eduardo Espinoza, Physical Security Technology & Operations


  • In an ever-evolving and complex world, it’s imperative that businesses have resources and tools to help their teams coordinate response across their enterprise. We partnered with Groupdolists to bring their cutting edge team response coordination capabilities to our over 10,000 customers.

    Ty Richmond, President - Risk Advisory & Consulting Services and International



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