• Reduce dependencies on your network with Groupdolists’ secure, highly available AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud platform
  • Intuitive dashboard ensures team members are in sync throughout the duration of any disruption
  • Automatically assign tasks, easily view who’s doing what, and what’s been completed
  • Synchronize plans and resources from your network, Service Now, or other resources
  • Improve visibility and better iterate response practices using comprehensive, automated reporting

Rapidly regain control whenever crises hit

Response teams can swing into action immediately, ensuring faster resolution and returning to business as usual

Maintain always-up response capacity in the face of cyber threats, data breaches, and network disruptions

Groupdolists streamlines response efforts to emergency situations like cybersecurity breaches by allowing the teams handling the crisis to quickly assign and keep track of tasks, post updates and coordinate seamlessly in real-time. Since it’s a cloud-based platform, CISOs and their teams can access critical information at all times from their computer or mobile device, making it much easier for them to stay on top of the situation.”

Bob Pocica, former CSO at McKesson