• Be better prepared: practice the way you play
  • Practice at any scale, from tabletop through “full functional” exercises
  • Leverage comprehensive automated documentation for evaluation and iterative improvement
  • Simplify your training and exercise regimen
  • Mitigate the costs of turnover and reduce ramp-up time for new staff

Measure the real savings for a well-trained response team

Response teams can swing into action more rapidly and reliably, ensuring faster resolution and returning to business as usual

Reduce the risk of “first time, worst time” performance

“As we build layers of protection and monitoring into our physical security programs, along with social media investigations and employee awareness training to detect these threats, one area often overlooked is response training and preparation. When seconds matter, planned response and emergency communication is essential to saving lives. One of the most innovative and effective tools available in modern crisis management is Groupdolists, to ensure the utmost preparation.”

David W. Nicastro
Founder & President
Secure Source International LLC