• Minimize disruptions by having plans updated and always available
  • Checklist view simplifies key actions for all team members
  • Incident log circulates chronological situational updates instantly
  • Tap-to-join conference bridge instantly convenes the response team
  • Native iOS and Android apps ensure plans are always available

Rapidly regain control whenever crises hit

Response teams can swing into action immediately, ensuring faster resolution and returning to business as usual

Bring your business continuity plans to life. Ensure that your operations are back up and running more quickly than ever before.

“Not only are we using Groupdolists as a cloud library to hold and easily access a myriad of GSOC SOPs, our global operations centers now have greater agility in response to an event — notification, tracking, speed, and recovery are all enhanced.”

Edward M Shubert, Senior Director,
Global Security Operations Center