• Virtual EOC keeps everybody on the same page, wherever they are
  • Multi-modal mobilization decreases time to response
  • Role-based configurability maximizes ICS/NIMS compatibility
  • Complete automated reporting simplifies after-action reporting

Rapidly regain control whenever crises hit

Response teams can swing into action immediately, ensuring faster resolution and returning to business as usual

Coordinate responders instantly with complete real-time insight

  • Emergency disaster recovery at your fingertips

    Access from your mobile device or laptop.

  • Choose pre-defined procedures and plans
  • Invite response teams to participate and tightly coordinate the response
  • Assign tasks in advance or on the fly
  • Watch in real time as tasks are completed
  • Run reports for after-action and lessons learned
“Whether a natural disaster, mass shooting, or other complicated incident, Groupdolists provides first responders, supervisors, and incident commanders with essential situational awareness and real-time guidance for critical decision-making.”

Kathleen O’Toole, Founder & President
O’Toole Associates
Former Boston Police Commissioner and Seattle Chief of Police