• Cooperate seamlessly, instantly, and securely across different departments and locations
  • Compare your existing procedures to our professionally written library of 200+
  • Keep leadership informed with web-based dashboard that updates in real-time
  • Surge licensing model means global response capacity without high cost

Rapidly regain control whenever crises hit

Response teams can swing into action immediately, ensuring faster resolution and returning to business as usual

Contain and remediate more hazards, more effectively and quickly than ever before

Groupdolists is one of the most innovative tools available to an incident manager since the invention of the two-way radio! It allows the incident manager to effectively notify and activate their team, manage the incident, coordinate tasks and activities, share information, all in a mobile environment! No one is tied to a desktop device any longer. It takes incident management into the 21st century!”

Michael Lowder, Principal
Michael W. Lowder & Global Associates
Former Director OIS & Emergency Response, USDOT