• Check regulatory boxes by proving your response preparation methods are regularly tested, exercised, and documented
  • Easily manage compliance workflows across teams and areas
  • Delegate responsibilities to specialists and non-specialists alike using Groupdolists’ flexible task management engine, which adapts easily to multiple compliance formats
  • Bring controls into everyday usage via user-friendly checklists and native PDF editing
  • See actions and results in real time

Measure the real benefits of improved compliance and controls

Teams perform better and adhere better to mandatory controls after implementing them intuitively into everyday workflows

Deploy, monitor, and document compliance responsibilities and controls more easily than ever before

“What I like about Groupdolists is that the platform itself is easily adapted to a particular organization’s needs. That’s something every decision maker should make sure of – can the platform be precisely tailored to your business’ needs. If you’re in California worried about earthquakes and fires and floods, that may be a different model than if your facility is, say, in a location subjected to seasonal hurricanes. The application is highly adaptable to suit your needs and perfect for ticking the regulatory and compliance mandatory testing and exercise boxes.”

Stevan Bernard, former EVP, Sony Pictures
Bernard Global LLC