A flood of unprecedented threats is deluging IT infrastructures and teams. Because cyber security incidents can force an organization’s information resources and tools offline, communicating and coordinating response efficiently, and returning operations to normal as quickly as possible, can be especially challenging.

Groupdolists, a leading cloud-based incident management platform used by business continuity, crisis management, physical and digital security leaders, also provides a real-time, network-independent cyberattack response and recovery capacity.


Key benefits:

  • Mobilize the right response team members quickly and easily.
  • Coordinate actions and updates in real time.
  • Keep communications off (potentially) compromised channels.
  • Maintain a complete chronological record for audit, review, and compliance.
  • Implement your playbooks flexibly and according to your relevant standards (BCP, NIST, etc.).
  • Lower risk, exposure, expense, and time to respond/recover.

For additional information on how Groupdolists can improve your cyber security response, visit our website or send us an email. If you would like to contact one of our Security Advisory Council members directly, click here.

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