New features make all communication threads auditable during crisis response


Groupdolists, a leading crisis management and response platform, is pleased to announce the release of its fully integrated mobile and web text and voice chat module.  This industry-leading new capability was developed in response to customer and prospect requests expressing challenges around mandated compliance and auditability of general-purpose direct messaging platforms during incidents. Third-party chat products are often out of privacy (GDPR) compliance, out of auditable scope, or both. This creates liability and inhibits after-action reporting and accountability.  In addition, the dispersion of vital communications over multiple platforms can lead to missed messages, errors, replication, and confusion during a critical incident response.

“This is a very big deal for the industry and us, and we are excited to be the first in the crisis management market to release such a powerful and invaluable integration,” said Michael J. Sher, CEO and founder of Groupdolists. “There are so many forms of disparate communication methods and apps that teams use during incidents, which can lead to fragmented, often undocumented threads. These made it especially painful, if not impossible, for incident leaders to reassemble chronological, accurate, time-stamped communication flows—until now.”

Groupdolists brings crisis response teams together during unexpected disruptions by helping to activate response plans instantly, mobilize response teams, centralize communications and workflows, automatically documenting all activity in a fully auditable, chronological history.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to change the way we do business and evaluate how we deal with emergencies,” said Greg Sanders, Security Specialist for The World Bank. “Until today, the inability to audit an event fully from start to finish has been extremely painful, bothersome, and problematic. The introduction of real-time text and voice chat allows us to make dynamic, critical changes and alter course during any response, saving time during and after incidents, in addition to having the audit trail of all activity delivered automatically and chronologically.”

“Organizations are demanding greater transparency and visibility during every step of their team’s crisis response process, and now they have it,” said Sher.

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About Groupdolists

Groupdolists brings crisis response teams together during unexpected disruptions by instantly activating response plans, mobilizing response teams, centralizing communication, and coordination workflows, automatically organizing all activity into fully auditable and chronological history. The platform helps crisis managers and incident leaders react and coordinate time sensitive team response, minimize distractions with a sole purpose of bringing operations back to normal as quickly as possible. Mobile-centric, intuitive, and instant, Groupdolists is used by leading enterprise, government and schools focused on taking command and control to the highest level. Groupdolists is Response Reinvented.

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