Platform replaces manual processes for faster coordination of response teams
New York, NY – (March 25, 2020)

In response to a number of recent conversations about challenges that organizations of all sizes currently face, Groupdolists, a leading mobile crisis response platform, has released for free its customizable plan to help any organization manage its response when an employee tests positive for Covid-19.

“Many organizations, when they learn about an infected employee, are not sure what steps to take, what departments need to be involved, which employees should be notified, etc.,“ said Michael Sher, CEO of Groupdolists. “Improvising in the moment is time consuming, risky, and loses response time. Our platform guides the entire response step by step while maintaining flexibility—plans are completely customizable—with real-time access from any device. A leader can activate the plan, instantly mobilize, and coordinate multiple departments.”

Once activated, Groupdolists effortlessly keeps key stakeholders in the loop, documenting all activity and information in a real-time, chronological audit trail. It even connects responders anywhere around the world into a tap-to-join conference bridge (no dialing).

“The massive disruption from the Covid-19 pandemic has caught organizations off guard. Many are not adequately prepared to deal with infected employees in an expedited and effective manner. Groupdolists is doing what we can to change that,” said Sher. “Command and control, elimination of information overload from diverse sources, and reliable real-time insight for leadership are all key to a successful response. Groupdolists provides all these. Our platform takes minutes to learn, is available 24/7, and has zero dependencies on IT or your local network.”

Click here to view the free “Employee Tests Positive for Covid-19” response procedure and be sure to click into each task for greater detail.

You can also click here to view Groupdolists’ free, customizable Pandemic Response procedure. This link also features ongoing, curated informational updates about Covid-19.

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About Groupdolists
Groupdolists brings response teams together during unexpected disruptions by instantly

activating response plans, mobilizing front lines, centralizing critical information, and automatically documenting all activity. The platform helps incident leaders react, respond, and coordinate instantly, reducing distractions and focusing on recovering normal operations as quickly as possible. Interactive, mobile-centric, and highly intuitive, Groupdolists is used by leading global organizations to take incident command and control to the next level. Groupdolists is Response Reinvented.

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