NEW YORK, Sep. 29, 2021 — Groupdolists, a leading incident and crisis management response platform, is pleased to announce the release of Objectives. Objectives enhance and improve the way customers organize their standard operating procedures, play books, and runbooks, improving both exercises and real-life response.

“Objectives are a significant innovation that helps our customers organize response better than ever before, says Michael Sher, Groupdolists CEO. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), plans, tasks, and checklists can now be grouped into categories (or departments) to provide response teams greater insight and focus into what critical goals are still being addressed and which have been completed during incidents. Our customers now have the ability to group related tasks and action items into phases or goals instead of seeing a single, long list of tasks.”

With Objectives, leadership and executives can focus easily and exactly on what remains to be done, leveraging a simple but powerful display of completion progress per objective (e.g. 5/6 tasks completed – 83%). For example, there are multiple phases during a hurricane response including pre-planning, nearing landfall, making landfall, and after-storm cleanup. Each phase contains individual steps (tasks) pre-assigned to roles, parsing everything team members need to do, e.g., click links to read more, view locations on maps, watch videos, preview photos, access and update PDF’s, etc.


Objectives – Value Proposition

  • Helps better organize a response, not just to execute it
  • Provides real-time insight into progress against key goals or phases (ideal for leadership)
  • Reinforces Groupdolists’ value in developing plans, training, and exercising teams and plans
  • Reinforces/expands Groupdolists’ value when used for compliance, risk management, and/or operational resilience
  • Details phases and time to completion for after action reporting and improvement

“Key stakeholders across major organizations need much faster, simpler visibility, insight, and tighter coordination across departments when responding to incidents that impact employees, assets, brands, and reputations. Our Objectives innovation enhances the response process even further,” says Sher.

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About Groupdolists
When employees, assets, brands and reputation are unexpectedly threatened during critical incidents (e.g. cyberattacks, workplace violence, power outages, etc.), Groupdolists ensures that key stakeholders across multiple departments can instantly connect, communicate and coordinate securely, bi-directionally and in real-time as recovery progresses.

Groupdolists brings response teams together during unexpected disruptions by instantly activating response plans, mobilizing front lines, centralizing critical information, and automatically documenting all activity.


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