Customers, and some prospective customers, have occasionally heard Groupdolists staff repeat the mantra, “You practice how you play.” Of course, we didn’t invent that saying, but over time, we’ve learned more and more how important it is.

The best response teams are invariably the ones that, in addition to having good preparation (response plans, software, etc.), actually practice response on a regular basis.

We usually explain this with an easily understood metaphor: if you give a baseball team a playbook and personal equipment, these do the team no good absent coaching and practice. Teams win because they practice: the playbook and equipment don’t win for them.

In the case of organizational response teams, no matter how good the plan, no matter how intuitive the software, these likewise don’t resolve disruptions any more than a glove catches a ball or a bat hits it. A play, even a brilliant one, doesn’t execute itself because the coach wrote it down.

And sure enough, as we survey customers and prospects responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, the organizations that have performed better these last few months are the ones that prepared their plans and met/practiced regularly to review and rehearse them.

This is true regarding any disruption of business as usual, of course. One thing we’ve learned from our customers and prospects is, software isn’t enough. Sometimes, our team needs to help a customer’s team build towards readiness—through practice.

Given this, Groupdolists is formalizing an initiative for our customers, the 30-Minute Drill.

Now, it’s true: a drill is a functional test of a single response capability (like a fire drill—people actually get up and leave the building). Technically, our new initiative is not a drill, either, but it is more hands-on and faster paced than the tabletop exercises we also coordinate for customers. The 30-Minute Drill will likewise be a free service included with subscription.

Okay, so if not technically a drill, what exactly is the 30-Minute Drill? It’s this:

  • Once a month, the Groupdolists support team will create a short, customized exercise designed for five customer participants. It will be a mini-scenario, including some situational updates and its own mini-response procedure. (Subject matter will vary.)
  • We will deliver a customized exercise into each customer’s account when itis ready for use.
  • The customer can kick off the exercise at any time, mobilizing participants wherever they are. The goal of the 30-Minute Drill is to keep the most people fresh with the least trouble/distraction to them.
  • The time limit will be 30 minutes. Each participant will have at least one or two tasks to “complete” in response to the “incident.”
  • The customer can review the results/reporting and engage with the Groupdolists support team, who will also analyze the results to assess what was helpful, what needs/vulnerabilities/gaps were uncovered, etc. Groupdolists’ support team will also offer recommendations about how to improve for the next 30-Minute Drill (or real-life incident).

Over time, we will build progressively on what we learn together, helping better prepare our customers. 

Stay safe – and practice your response!